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frill elastic tapes shoulder elastic tapes frill elastic lycra elastic tapes shoulder elastic tape frill elastic frill elastic
shoulder elastic tape
manufacturer of elastic tapes
Folding Elastic Tape
Shoulder Tapes
Lycra Elastic
Frill Elastic
Lycra Dori
Folding Elastic Tape with nylon
elastic tapes company
We exclusively manufacture Shoulder tapes, folding elastic tapes, lycra elastics, frill elastics, folding elastics with nylon 66, lycra dori, and kingari from spandex yarn. We exclusively manufacture shoulders tapes, folding elastics from spandex yarn.
Our aim is to achieve customer satisfaction by giving high quality products. We have latest machinery imported from Taiwan and believe in continuous up gradation of the technology according to the latest market trend. We always take great care to keep the production cost low so that customers get best quality goods at low and competitive prices.
Key elements behind our quality success include:
Globally focused quality management systems
World-class product analysis and reliability testing lab
Corporate focus on defining, measuring and improving customer satisfaction Advanced quality training
Statistical process control and extensive use of design of experiments (DOEs) to optimize processes
Thorough understanding of and certification to a broad array of Quality and Industry Standards.